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Koffe an Kreem - MUSIC


Partners: Christopher Hills & Ben Hills. Division Associate: Christella Litras


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Record Label | Support Services | Music Production


Koffe an Kreem - MUSIC operates from London and Leeds, UK

Koffe an Kreem - BEAUTY


Partners: Janice Hills & Christopher Hills


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‘Koffe an Kreem’ is a Cosmetology business based in London, UK providing unisex services for clients from all cultures and nations via independent, self-employed specialists.


We have a partnering sister operation located in Kingston, Jamaica


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Koffe an Kreem, Koffe an Kreem Partnership, Koffe an Kreem Beauty, Koffe an Kreem Music, Koffe an Kreem Records

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The Koffe an Kreem partnership has two operating divisions

We are a family owned business and our company origins date back to 2005 when the founding partners were making plans for a future beauty salon venture. It seemed appropriate to call this venture Coffee and Cream as the salon was planned to serve clients from all nations. The only trouble was the spelling, as it had been used over and over again, and, mainly related to coffee shops. So, Koffe an Kreem was chosen after internet searches revealed it had not been used elsewhere.


Things came together in April 2010 with the launch of the (unplanned) music arm of the business. It took quite a time before suitable premises were found and secured for our beauty salon, which finally opened in November 2010.


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