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Koffe an Kreem - MUSIC

An Introduction


Koffe an Kreem Music was formed in April 2010, initially as a vehicle to manage and support emerging Jamaican artiste IJ Chris.


2011 saw the formation and launch of our boutique record label and distribution service that was made available to our own artistes or those we have worked closely with.


During the early part of 2012 the company was approached by established, international artiste Kofi (Carol Vieira) about the engagement of management and support services. Carol became part of the team in February 2012 and a partner in the company during August of the same year.


During 2015, with skills as a Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Vocal Arranger, Keyboardist and Producer, Christella Litras joined the team as a division associate and music director.


The Music division was re-structured in May 2017 with Christopher and Ben Hills as partners and Christella Litras as division associate and music director. Richie Davison became an associate with primary focus on media support. Front-line Management Services ceased, but we continue to operate Support & Advice Services, Music Production and the boutique Record Label. Associates of Koffe an Kreem Records are Kofi, IJ Chris and Sahrya.


We continue to work with emerging artistes helping them in their first musical ventures which has included song writing, composition, production and support alongside KyKySu, Tabitha and Sahrya with some releases through our own record label.



Our Vision


To promote and support positive music with a family like approach and to help young and emerging artistes gain a foothold in the ever-complex music industry

Our Mission


To only support and promote positive, quality music

To offer a range of affordable services to all those involved

To ensure maximum transparency and integrity

To guarantee all copyright holders 100% of their royalty entitlements with our distribution services

To minimise Administration Fees with a ceiling of 10% collectable through sales (90% to singers and musicians)

To limit distribution agreements to an annual renewable contractual arrangement with fair and reasonable break clauses

To assist artistes in their career progress and not limit their opportunities in any way

To increase ways of helping the young and emerging artistes gain exposure and recognition

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