An Introduction


We are a family owned business and our company origins date back to 2005. Koffe an Kreem Music was formed in April 2010, initially as a vehicle to manage and  support emerging Jamaican artiste IJ Chris and the release of his mini-album 'Life's Messages'.


2011 saw the formation and launch of our boutique record label and distribution service that was made available to our own artistes or those we have worked closely with as well as the start of the project in aide of Haiti (see web page The H Project).


During the early part of 2012 the company was approached by established, international artiste Kofi (Carol Simms) about the engagement of management and support services. Carol became part of the team in February 2012 and a partner in the company during August of the same year.


During 2015, with skills as a Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Vocal Arranger, Keyboardist and Producer, Christella Litras joined the team as a division associate and music director.


The Music division was re-structured in May 2017 with Chris and Ben Hills as partners and Christella Litras as division associate and music director. Richie Davison became an associate with primary focus on music promotion while those activities continued. Front-line Management Services ceased, but we continue to operate Music Business Mentoring and Music Production. The Record Label is currently dormant with all rights transferred to the song creators. Associates of Koffe an Kreem Records were IJ Chris, Kofi, KyKySu and Sahrya (with whom we still host her web pages).


Our relationship with 'Britain's Got Reggae' has grown over time and, together, we have completed some copyright seminars (go to BGR link in the side panel) and are now able to offer a selection of free support services for songwriters and performers in order to help protect their creative work and output.


Our Vision


To ensure, in any way possible, that young and emerging artistes are not disadvantaged by music industry bad practice

Our Mission


To only support and promote positive, quality music

To maintain our range of services on a not-for-profit basis

To ensure maximum transparency and integrity

To assist artistes in their career progress and not limit their opportunities in any way

To enable artistes with mentoring and the tools to be in control of their own music career

Koffe an Kreem, Koffe an Kreem Music, Koffe an Kreem Records, Koffe an Kreem Partnership, @koffeankreem

The Koffe an Kreem Partnership




Koffe an Kreem, Koffe an Kreem Partnership, Koffe an Kreem Music, Koffe an Kreem Records, @koffeankreem