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The H Project

During 2011, we set out on a project in aide of Haiti by creating four versions of a song using a common chorus and vocal/instrumental master. Sadly, the project never came to fruition as our proposed charities pulled out of Haiti due to the internal politics and other matters. Due to the abrupt withdrawal, we also never managed to finish the 4th version of the song.


The artistes, from across the globe, created and recorded their own verses without knowing what any of the others had composed. The only link between the songs was the chorus created by IJ Chris and a vocal guide instrumental track (which would have been the 4th version). All the artistes and producers on the songs funded their part of the project themselves in both creation and time and deserve absolute credit for what they did as a united cause aiming for the good of those much less fortunate.


Our overwhelming thanks and accreditation go to all those involved:



IJ Chris, Kehv, Brina, Jeck Pilpil, Stuart Wilson, Kym Hamilton, Winsome Benjamin, Ricky Grant, Adele Harley, Mackie Conscious, JC Lodge, Geoffrey Star, Spanner Banner, Peter Spence, Lovella Ellis, Purpose, Sheldon Senior.


Richie Next Room (Instrumental and vocal master), Clinton Sly, Kieran Murray, Jon Ben Berger

Support Team:

Laura Cumming (Graphics), Conroy Selector C, Jaz McKenzie, Lady B Bless and a special thank you to Rachael Boss who kept everything in line.

Koffe an Kreem, Koffe an Kreem Partnership, Koffe an Kreem Music, Koffe an Kreem Records, @koffeankreem
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