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The World Gets Hurt Recording Sessions

During 2011 we approached my friend Jon Ben Berger and asked if we could record a cover version of his landmark song “The World Gets Hurt”. The re-creation went through many editions from the initial test runs to final versions.


Both Chris and Winsome re-recorded their vocals during the first phase of demos. A completely new vocal set was recorded for the very final Koffe an Kreem version of the song.


Jon Ben himself, with experimental changes to the backing track, produced all of these versions. There were also changes added by Winsome and Chris to the later part of the vocals with a form of chant, which was created during rehearsals.


There were two final released versions: One by Jon and another (with a completely new vocal set and using Jon’s original instrumental track) by Koffe an Kreem which was recorded and produced by Jahnoi Nunes at Flo Factory.


Lyricist/Composer: Jon Ben Berger

Additional Lyrics: Winsome Benjamin & IJ Chris

Lead and harmony vocals: Winsome Benjamin & IJ Chris

Vocal Recording: Donald Waugh – Airplai Studios and Jahnoi Nunes – Flo Factory Studio

Production: Jon Ben Berger – Rhythmman Records (Remix edition) and Jahnoi Nunes – Flo Factory (Version edition)

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